Homey style dinner at Lao Gang O&S
Chinese,  Petaling Jaya

O&S Lao Gang Restaurant – Homey Stir Fried Dishes

Lao Gang Restaurant is a Chinese style stir fried stall located in the famous O&S restaurant in Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya. It operates from evening onwards to cater for dinner crowds and it is the go to place for people seeking ‘tai chow’ style of dinner. This place used to be our favorite dinner spot before Covid until we are working from home. We had been eat in or cook ourselves to minimize exposure outside.

Menu of Lao Gang Restaurant at O&S
Menu of Lao Gang Restaurant at O&S
Extensive menu at Lao Gang O&S

The Menu at Lao Gang O&S

The restaurant offers an extensive variety of dishes, i.e., seafood, pork, chicken, egg, soup, fried rice, single plate rice, etc. We tried most of the dishes and the chefs have never disappointed us so far. They are two chefs for Lao Gang, who we suspect are brothers but did not further confirm with them ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Homey style dinner at Lao Gang O&S
Special salad pork at Lao Gang

The food at Lao Gang O&S

On that particular day, we ordered special sauce chicken cube, stir fried kailan and fu yong omelette. The chicken is actually single plate rice but we asked the stall to make it into a dish which they charged us RM 15 per plate.

Maybe we have been used with the way they cooked and prepared the dishes, so we actually quite like the taste and flavour. Sometimes when we go to other restaurant, we kind of miss the food in Lao Gang at O&S LoL.

Personally I like their Macau egg (egg in tomato sauce) and kam heong pork slices. Very much to my liking. Also to note is their rice portion is very huge (we like to eat rice by the way), usually we shared one bowl of rice.

The sign board of menu O&S Lao Gang
Interior of Lao Gang Restaurant ่€ๆธฏๅŸŽๅฎถไนกๅ‘ณๅฐๅŽจ

The environment and price

Coffee shop style dining within O&S, can be greasy as the kitchen is in open space.

Price wise the dishes are affordable and not too expensive. For two pax, usually we spent RM 25-35 and managed to get your stomach full.

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