lunch at oomph megah rise
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Oomph, Megah Rise – Big Juicy Chicken Leg Burger

Oomph, Megah Rise – another restaurant that we visited in the newly opened Megah Rise.

We visited Naj and Belle the previous week, check out the post.

The first impression when stepping into Oomph – it is a huge spot with many different sections of seating area. Another thing caught our attention was the entire row of cakes and pastries displayed at the entrance. Looks like a heaven for cake lover.

As we were there for lunch, we skipped dessert for this visit and will be back for cake the next round.

fried chicken burger
HUGE chicken burger - using deep fried chicken leg. The portion was huge with the onion rings and thick cut fries.
salted egg pasta
Deep fried calamari with salted egg yolk pasta. The deep fried calamari was crispy on the outside. The pasta - creamy, rich in thickened sauce were how we described it when we were eating. Not too overwhelmed as we managed to finish the entire plate of the pasta
oomph megah rise
Oomph's menu - The good time. It opens from 9am to 2am, the staff told us that there will be live band performance from Friday to Sunday at 8pm
oomph megah rise menu
Click to Enlarge Menu - the brunch
oomph megah rise menu
The pasta and burger menu
oomph megah rise menu
The drink and beverage menu
assorted cakes
Assorted cakes on the display
nangka strudel
The nangka strudel looks tempting
assorted cakes
More cakes in the fridge
lunch at oomph megah rise
Lunch at Oomph Megah Rise
americano and iced peach tea
Hot americano and peach tea with sparkling water
big juicy fried chicken leg
JUICY fried chicken leg with two pieces of peach and cheddar cheese. Although the menu mentioned mala (not sure if it is referring to the Sichuan mala), it was not spicy and more like the usual fried chicken
fried calamari with salted egg pasta
Salted egg yolk on top of the pasta
thick cut fries and onion ring
Chicken burger with onion rings and thick cut fries
oomph megah rise
The stage corner
oomph megah rise
One section of the seating area

What do We Like about Oomph Megah Rise?

  • Spacious and comfortable environment
  • Wide variety of western foods and cakes for selection

Ground Floor, Megah Rise, 3, Jalan SS 24/9, Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

oomph megah rise
More seats
oomph megah rise
oomph megah rise

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