One Half ilaika
Coffee,  Dessert,  Pastries,  Petaling Jaya

One Half x ilaika

One Half x ilaika has “reborns”. 

One Half - front view

Brand new look and feel . . .

One half x ilaika, they are back after renovated and reopen with fresh new look, more dine-in spaces both in door and out door too, the walnut tone and dim lights provides a comfy ambience and out-door space for those liking some fresh natural air and sunlight. 

 They still maintaining the lifestyle concept store – carrying some of the local brand and products.


One Half - view from outdoor
One half - outdoor
Outdoor seats

One Half - the space

Both interior and exterior area are simple, minimal and nicely organized. Outdoor seating is having open space with natural light and natural air. It is well equips with hanging fan but we did not attempt to sit there. We thought it could be stuffy after a cup of hot coffee.

Meanwhile, the air conditioned area is more comfortable and patron can opt for front seating or the counters seats closer to the baristas.

ilaika - interrior

One Half - The food

Assorted pastries

Pastries and more pastries – croissants, Danish pastries, cinnamon buns and more.

One Half
Danish Berries & Sourdough Ruben sandwich

We ordered Danish berries and Sourdough Ruben Sandwich, while drinks we had americano and latte. 

Danish Berries, it was sweet and flaky, however it complement well with americano. Bitterness and sweetness neutralized each others.

As for the Sourdough Reuben sandwich; the serving was good  for sharing (for two). It was served with generous amount of ham, cheese followed by sauerkraut and its dressing, not forgetting, the pickled tiny cucumber. It was indeed a filling breakie for two. 

We were recommended with one of their signature coffeebean. Can’t remember the name but the sourness and bitterness were just balanced and it was good and strong taste.

Danish Berries
Sourdough Ruben Sandwich
Danish Berries (ilaika)
Ruben Sandwich
Breakfast @ ilaika
OH - Lifestyle store
OH - Lifestyle
OH - dine in area and local products

The other half area of OH is still maintains as its lifestyle store, carrying some of the local brands and design products and merchandises such as cutlery, clothing, scented candles. 

The space is already with character before and the characters got enhanced after the renovation.

OH - Counter
Counter seats

One Half x iLaika

Address : 

No. 17, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours : 

Daily 8am to 10pm. 


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