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myBurgerLab Seapark – Awesome Burger, Fries & Sauce

myBurgerLab has been around for many years. Still remembered the line queuing outside the shop every nights when I passed by on the way to go home, the line was still there until MCO kicks in. Must be some real burger deal (or magical power) to keep people from coming back for more of their burgers.

Recently saw their post on RM 10 discount for vaccinated customer, therefore we registered for their app. Then we noticed there is a welcome reward of RM 12 for single patty burger on top of the vaccination reward, so here we go for myBurgerLab’s dinner.

The Menu

myBurgerLab’s menu is known for their creativity, as we can see Beautiful Mess has been improvised to its 5.0 version. 

There are classics, beef, chicken and meatless burger in their menu. They also serve appetizers and side, the Portobello fries definitely look tempting but paying RM 16.5 for mushroom, hmm… so we did not order that.

For our welcome reward, we were told to be able to order everything except for in-n-out tribute. We chose Beautiful Mess and Ohana, and added on one fries to share. Did not make it a set as we did not want the soft drink. It will be RM 8 to make it a set with a soda and side (fries).

beautiful mess 5.0 burger
Beautiful Mess 5.0 with beef patty, egg, cheddar and Portobello mushroom
ohana burger
Ohana with beef patty, cheddar and pineapple
x sauce
The red sauce is everything

The burgers at myBurgerLab

The burgers are huge and satisfying. The combination of the patty, cheddar and the sauce make the burger delicious. 

There were three stick cut portobello mushroom in the Beautiful mess, very juicy. Together with runny egg yolk and the sauce, that is really a beautiful mess.

For Ohana, not as messy but the cheddar goes well with pineapple surprisingly.

The highlight of myBurgerLab is definitely the fries that come with the red dipping sauce. The sauce is what makes everything taste so good. One small capsule of the sauce is definitely not enough.

myburgerlab kitchen

The environment and price at myBurgerLab

We are unable to dine in. The environment is much better now as there is a extended dining area upstairs. 

The burgers are priced around RM 20, make it a set and it will be RM 30 for a meal. Not cheap definitely. 

Also noticed myBurgerLab is selling their brand of frozen stuff, range from burger patty, bun, sauce and a lot of jar items. 

Worth returning to myBurgerLab?


myBurgerLab @ Seapark

14, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Myburgerlab freezer
myburgerlab dine in area
myburgerlab sign
nutrition facts
paper bag

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