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Mr Fish, Fish & Seafoods Noodle, Atria Shopping Gallery

Mr Fish, Fish and Seafood Noodle is a fairly new establishment in Atria Shopping Gallery.

It is located at the corner lot where the foot traffic is not too high. Luckily we can still see the shop when we drove by, else we might not even know their existence.

Mr Fish Seafood Noodle
The lunch situation
curry laksa
Mini curry laksa
fried grouper
Very crunch fried grouper!

The Menu

Mr Fish has an extensive menu. For their soup noodle, they have option to choose from rice, thick or think mee hoon. Also by adding RM 0.50, we may choose to add yee mee or by adding RM5.50 to add dry egg noodle.

Their soup base incluses milky soup, superior soup (clear soup), tom yam and curry laksa.

There is also a daily value meal with few choices at cheaper price.

Mr Fish Seafood Noodle menu
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The food

We went for the daily value meal. Meal no. 7 of Mr Fish caught our eyes where it offers two mini bowls of soup noodle in milky soup and curry laksa. For the price of one meal, we get to try two soups, not too bad.

We also ordered a Meal no. 7 of grouper fillet mix soup noodle.

Surprisingly for the mini mix soups, the portion of two bowls were not small. It will be enough to feed on a small eater. The curry laksa was strong and thick, not too bad for a fish noodle shop. As for the milky soup, the soup was thick but not too overwhelmed. 

For the grouper fillet mix soup noodle, we opted for clear soup. The bowl came with fish paste, fish maw and fried grouper fillet. The fried grouper fillets were extra crunchy and we liked it!

For the clear soup, we chose to have rice however the rice was served on a plate. We just simply poured the rice into the soup and made it rice soup, we liked the combination. Some people cannot accept to eat rice like this but not for us.

fish paste noodle
fried grouper
fish paste
fish maw
fish soup rice
The soup and rice combination, we liked it!

The environment and price

Mr Fish is located at a quiet corner. During our visit, there was not many customer, and we got to enjoy a quiet lunch.

The bill came to RM42 for the stuffs we had.

interior of Mr Fish Seafood Noodle

What do we like about Mr Fish Seafood Noodle Atria?

  • The crunchy fried grouper
  • The rice option on top of the usual mee hoon and noodle
  • The quiet environment

Mr Fish, Fish & Seafood Noodle Atria Shopping Gallery:

C36, Concourse Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS 22/33, Damansara Jaya 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

interior of Mr Fish Seafood Noodle

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