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Mooncake and Yam Swiss Roll from RT Pastry

Yam Pastry Mooncake

Mooncake festival is just around the corner. Been looking for Teochew or Taiwanese style mooncake and stumbled upon RT Pastry’s advertisement on IG. It looks good so we made a online purchase and went over to self collect a box to try it out. Check out their website for the variety of mooncake: here. 

Teochew or Taiwanese style of mooncake is unlike the traditional one, the skin is fried or baked in thin layer. They will be some crispiness like the yam pastry usually found in dim sum.

The yam pastry mooncake from RT came with three layers: the skin, the yam paste and a mochi cube in the center. The yam paste was thick and full of yam flavor. It does not look bright in the purple color, so I believe it is not coloring but real yam. 

It was also quite special to have the mochi in it, the chewiness of mochi gave another texture to the mooncake. Chewing between mochi and the yam paste, made the texture of mooncake very refreshing.

The box came with six pieces of it and it costed about RM 55+.

yam pastry mooncake with mochi
Yam pastry
yam swiss roll rt pastry

Yam Swiss Roll

Since went over to the shop for self collection, why not try out other stuffs right?

RT has been famous for their swiss roll, we like the chicken floss swiss roll particularly. It is a combination of sweet and savory in one swiss roll. As we have tried that before, so this time we picked the yam flavored swiss roll. 

The sponge cake was firm and had strong yam smell. The swiss roll rolled in a tube of yam cream/ custard in the center. It went very well with the swiss roll as it added on the yam taste to it.

One yam swiss roll was around RM 13+. 

Overall we like both the yam pastry mooncake and the yam swiss roll. Definitely going back to RT for more. 🙂

RT Pastry Damansara Uptown:

55g, Jalan SS 21/60, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

yam swiss roll rt pastry
yam swiss roll rt pastry
rt pastry
yam pastry mooncake

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