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Miyabi Japanese @ Sheraton PJ – Good Food and Ambience

Been staying at home for meal and ordering delivery for few months, we decided to give Miyabi Sheraton Petaling Jaya a try.ย 

The hotel is grand, cozy and still looking new as usual. Our last visit was back in 2018 before all the chaos, what was mask wearing back then…

It was a weekday lunch time, there were only three tables when we were there, therefore a quiet and peaceful lunch.

japanese lunch set Miyabi
Lunch set

The Menu

We went for the lunch menu during the visit. There were good selection of lunch sets to choose from. The lunch set came with the main dish, appetizer, salad, chawanmushi, rice, soup, pickles and dessert. Similar to what we usually get in Ume Tei.

Check out the lunch menu: here

The grand menu: here

Miyabi menu
fried baby prawn miyabi
Fried baby prawns
appetiser Miyabi
Appetizer - marinated sashimi and seaweeds
Grilled salmon set Miyabi
Grilled salmon set / Samon Shio Teishoku

Miyabi Lunch Set

We had a sashimi set teishoku and a grilled salmon with salt set. We were first served with hot ocha then the appetizer which according to the staff, it was marinated fish/ sashimi with seaweed. It was marinated with soy sauce (we guess), we can taste the freshness in it.

Then came the fried baby prawns. The prawns were coated with frying batter, slightly on the saltier side but we liked it, it served as a good appetizer too.

Next was the sashimi. It had scallops, salmon and kampachi (we think) in it. We liked the scallops the most, it was surprisingly fresh, tender, soft and bit chewy. Dipped with soy sauce and some wasabi, heavenly.

Together served with the set there were also salad, miso soup, chawanmushi and pickles.

As for the grilled salmon with salt, the salmon skin was nicely grilled, we can taste the salt but not too overly salty.ย 

To end the meal, the staff served us the mochi dessert. Not sure what was the sauce, it was sweet though.

chawanmushi and pickled veggie
Mochi dessert Miyabi

The environment of Miyabi

The ambience was very good with the warm light and comfortable furniture. The staff was attentive as well. Very pleasant dining experience.

The bill came to around RM 160+ for two sets lunch. The staff was also kind enough to remind us to use credit cards from a few banks for discount ๐Ÿ™‚

Worth returning?


Miyabi @ Sheraton PJ: Level 3a, Lorong Utara C, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Miyabi interior
Quiet lunch day
Miyabi setting

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