teppanyaki dinner at ming men
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Ming Men Teppanyaki SS 2 铭门铁板烧料理

Ming Men Teppanyaki SS 2 has been around for quite some time. It is located besides Kyochon but it never attracted us to pay visit.

Since we would like to cover more if not all of the eateries in the SS 2 business hub, we first time set foot into Ming Men.

grilled chicken
Grilled chicken in tomato sauce, with rice and egg. Served on teppanyaki hot plate. The hot plate was still sizzling hot when the dish was served. Apart from that, it kept the food warmer for a longer period of time
fried fish teppanyaki noodle
Noodle in truffle sauce with fried fish and egg. Also served on teppanyaki hot plate
ming men ss2 menu
The menu - the main sauce are truffle, black pepper, totamo and Japanese curry. Choice of rice or noodle are available to go with chicken or fish
side dishes
Hot soup pot and side dishes are also available
drink menu
Teas and sparkling water
oyster omelette
Taiwanese style oyster omelette
oyster omelette
Plump and juicy oysters with the omelette
grilled chicken
Grilled chicken in tomato sauce. The sauce was just ok, chicken was tender enough as it was chicken thigh they used
teppanyaki dinner at ming men
Dinner at Ming Men SS 2
grilled chicken
Tender chicken thigh
teppanyaki fish
Fried fish, nothing fancy about the fish as well. The noodle was also bit soggy. Wished it was more al dente but we forgot to inform the staff
hot tea
Hot tea in beautiful cups

What do We Like about Ming Men SS 2?

  • The many varieties within the menu
  • Comfortable dining experience, the interior was not oily and not full of stuffy smell despite the many plates of teppanyaki being dished out
No. 3-G, Jalan SS 2/64, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
ming men ss2 interior
Full house during our visit on a Saturday night
ming men teppanyaki ss2
The exterior of Ming Men SS 2

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