Ming Kee Porridge
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Ming Kee Porridge 銘記粥品 – Hot Porridge for Rainy Day

Porridge dinner at Ming Kee Porridge, it was a heavy raining day when we decided to have a bowl of hot porridge.

We have had Tasty Porridge for many times so it is time for something different. 

fish porridge
Hot porridge in claypot
roast chicken
Si Yao chicken (soy sauce) and braised egg

The Menu

Ming Kee offered wide range of porridge, some signature and special items in their menu are such as Ming Kee fried porridge, curry duck shredded porridge, Teng Zai porridge, frog porridge, and etc.

Not only that, Ming Kee also serves noodle and rice. There are also plenty of stuffs for add on, such as roasted duck, chicken, pork to add on.

menu ming kee
Various add on are available

The porridge

As our priority was to have hot porridge, we ordered two claypots of porridge: fish slices and chicken. Then we added on a Si Yau chicken (soy sauce) and a braised egg as side.

The porridge was piping hot, unlike the watery porridge, it was sticky in paste form, similar to the Hong Kong style porridge. The chicken and fish slices in the porridge were fresh and not overly cooked. With the sesame oil, ginger and pepper, it made the porridge flavorful. The hot porridge warmed our tummy well. 🙂

On the other hand, the Si Yau chicken was very good, chicken was firm and tender.

Each claypot had around two and half small bowls of porridge. Quite a big pot it was.

fish slices porridge
Fish Slice
Porridge added with the soy sauce from chicken
chicken porridge

The environment and price

Ming Kee has a no frill setting, diners came and left after the meal. 

Total bill came to about RM40.

menu ming kee

Worth returning?

Yes during some cold days for some hot porridge’s crave.

Ming Kee Porridge SS2 銘記粥品:

61, Jalan SS 2/64, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Ming Kee Porridge
Ming Kee Porridge

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