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Little Bentong Street SS 2 – Good Hainam Coffee

Little Bentong Street is a new shop opened during MCO. It seems like Hainam foods and drink has been trending and everything related to Hainam flavor is able to garner some good business. With Bentong ‘s element in, this combination has the best of both world.

Unable to dine in so we can only take away to try out their food.

char kueh teow little bentong street

The Menu of Little Bentong Street

Without a doubt, it serves typical coffeeshop foods, suitable for breakfast stuff like coffee, half boiled egg, Hainam kaya toast. Little Bentong Street also serves Bentong yong tau fu, wide range of rice, noodle and drink. They currently have MCO set too.

hainam coffee iced little bentong street
The coffee was not too sweet
chee cheong fun
fried fu zuk little bentong street
bitter gourd
curry veggie
fried dumpling little bentong street
curry chee cheong fun little bentong street
char kueh teow little bentong street

The food of Little Bentong Street

We brought home their char kueh teow, the staff told us it came with prawn only and no cockles inside, weird.ย 

Also packed their MCO set A of chee cheong fun and yong tau fu. Not forgetting also their iced Hainam coffee.

The char kueh teow was not too bad, just that the wok hei can be stronger.ย 

We went for chee cheong fun with curry gravy, the curry was not too strong, and good combination with all the yong tau fu.

The highlight was the Hainam coffee, it was good, not too sweet and we liked it.

As the store name suggests, Little Bentong Street is also selling Bentong famous taupok/ soy related stuff such as spring roll, taufupok, fuzok, etc. It has to be pre-ordered. We bought some and the filling was solid, good and worth the money.

taufupok pre order

The environment and price

Proper environment, it is not coffeeshop with various stalls in it. With this we think it is a better place to dine in for Hainam coffee and breakfast, as compared with the nearby famous Thong Kee coffeeshop. Thong Kee tends to get too crowded and too stuffy (and hot) all the time. Whenย dine in is allowed, we will come back to Little Bentong Street for coffee.

The breakfast costed us around RM 25. Reasonable.

Worth returning to Little Bentong Street?

Yes for the wide variety of foods and Hainam coffee.ย 

Little Bentong Street: No 56, Jalan SS 2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

interior of little bentong street
little bentong street

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