Korean BBQ Pork
Korean,  Petaling Jaya

Korean BBQ House – Atria Shopping Gallery

Korean BBQ Pork
A lot a lot of pork bellies

Korean BBQ House located in Atria Shopping Gallery has been there for quite some time and we have been passing by the restaurant for many times. But we didn’t go in to try as it is a BBQ restaurant, it means we should save the space in stomach first before going in. Unplanned visit will likely makes us unable to have more foods #stingymindset

On this one fine Saturday, we finally decided and planned a visit. Walking into the Korean BBQ House straight after confirming the price on the menu. We ordered the RM 25+/ person set.ย 

The Food at Korean BBQ House

Firstly for the set we ordered, it has free flow of BBQ meat but does not have a hotpot soup served on the stove, therefore it means we will not be having any instant noodle. However we noticed most of other tables did come with the hotpot but it will just be too much for two of us.ย 

The price does not come with a drink so we have to pay extra for it. Ice creams are included as the dessert, there are few varieties of it. However not the branded ice creams in case you are wondering.

The buffet area
The self service bar area
Kimchi jiggae Korean BBQ
Kimchi Jiggae
Steamed Egg Korean BBQ
Steamed egg

The foods are just ok, nothing fancy about it. Kind of expected that for a free flow BBQ buffet. No complain as the price range is quite affordable and budget. Ultimately people go for a buffet for the volume of foods. Service wise, the staff is attentive and the foods were served without much waiting required.

The thing we like isย that we do not need to grill the pork and chicken ourselves, we just need to order from the counter. Furthermore that also saved us from being smelly after the dinnerย ๐Ÿ˜€

Overall we did not have too much of foods anyway: ordered two plates of pork bellies and one plate of chicken. Also we did not refill the banchan as well.ย 

To sum up, are we going back for another try? Unlikely weโ€™d say.

The restaurant interior
The kitchen counter

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