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Kona Bakehouse SS 2 – Assorted Pastries

Kona Bakehouse is the latest addition to the SS 2 cafe scene. It is located just right beside ONO. Many new cafes open its door recently (such as Bandit SS 2) but we have not had a chance to visit them yet.

parmesan olive tomato
Parmesan Olive Tomato
spring onion and cheese
Spring Onion & Cheese
pain au chocolate
Pain Au Chocolate
tuna bonito
Tuna Bonito
edamame chicken mushroom quiche
Edamame Chicken Mushroom Quiche
black and white coffee
Black and white coffee
assorted cake
Assorted cakes

The Menu

We were there on the second day of their opening at around 8am. As it was too early, the pastries were still in the oven and will only come out by batches. Since we were there, we just ordered the drinks first and waited for the pastries to come out from oven.

By around 8.45am, there were more selections for us to choose from.

drink menu
Drink menu - click to enlarge
Breakfast situation

The Pastries of Kona

We ordered an pain au chocolate, a matcha croissant with mochi and a spring onion & cheese.

The matcha croissant was recommended by the owner himself. There was matcha paste and mochi in it, quite a special combination.

The spring onion and cheese was our favorite. It has the Chinese scallion pancake’s (葱油饼) savory taste and was quite tasty.

Pain au chocolate on the other hand was just ok for us.

spring onion cheese
matcha croissant with mochi
chocolate criossant
matcha croissant with mochi
matcha criossant with mochi
kona kitchen
interior kona
kona interior
kona bakehouse

The environment

The interior of Kona is quite a simple one with limited seats. There are outdoor seating however not our preference as there will always be patrons queuing outside to wait for table (either to visit Kona or Ono). It would be a good choice to just pick a few pastries to go.

The breakfast costed us around RM 70.

We shall be back as we missed the canelé and taro scone which are attractive to us.

Kona Bakehouse SS 2:

49, Jalan SS 2/30, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

kona outdoor seating
interior kona

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