dinner at kompassion
Petaling Jaya,  Thai,  TTDI

Kompassion – Contemporary Thai Foods

Kompassion Damansara Kim has been on our list for the longest time. Since it is the start of October, we finally made a reservation to visit it.

Luckily we made reservation, even at 5pm on a Saturday, we saw the restaurant turned away quite some crowds. All the tables were placed with a reserved sign when we seated.

petai, and herbs
Smellylicious pork belly - beautiful pork belly. The meat served to us was not too fattening.
kompassion damsansara kim
Bright interior of the restaurant
specialty menu kompassion
Click to Enlarge Menu - these are some seasonal items from the restaurant
specialty menu
Seasonal dishes and beverages from Kompassion
bites menu
The Bites - appetizers
soups menu
The soups menu
Tom Gati Goong at kompassion
Tom gati prawn - big succulent prawns with paku vege in creamy soup. Menu stated it has Sarawak cincaluk in it. We liked this soup as it was not too spicy, with tangy taste. We had it to the last drop
dinner at kompassion
Dinner at Kompassion
slow cooked fish
Slow cooked fish - look at the herbs used with the fish
Tom Gati Goong
Paku (midin) in the soup, crunchy texture
pork belly
A lot of almond slices and other herbs. Together with petai, cincaluk, minced pork in the pork belly dish. The pork belly was already soft yet maintaining its firm texture. Nicely done dish
slow cooked fish
Slow cooked sea bass with chili and lime. Not the typical steamed fish dish, but tasty nonetheless
smellylicious pork belly
Pork belly uncovered
slow cooked fish
Sea bass in generous portion

What do We Like about Kompassion?

  • Foods were all great and delicious. Can see the efforts behind each dish from the ingredients used
  • Comfortable environment and attentive staff

5, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

kompassion damansara kim
purple rice
succulent big prawn

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