dinner at kl zai
Chinese,  Petaling Jaya

KL Zai SS 2 – Roasted Pork & Chicken

Stumbled upon KL Zai restaurant SS 2 when we were at the Chow Yang area looking for dinner. It is located along the busy stretch nearby Kayu Nasi Kandar.

Rarely able to find roasted stuff around dinner time so decided to give it a try. We usually go for Shuang Siew at Taman Paramount however it closes at night.

Nearby the area, we had tried a few of the eateries, check them out: Breathing Space, Bandit, Mama Ting, Toast and Roast, Da Xi Kopitiam, All Day Polo Bun.

chicken dried noodle
Roasted chicken drumstick with dried wanton noodle
fruit and vege acar
Nyonya acar. Refreshing and appetizing with the sweet and sour taste. Very nutty too as there was nut and sesame seeds on top
kl zai menu
Click to Enlarge Menu. The signature charcoal roasted meat in Hong Kong style
kl zai menu ss 2
More selection in the KL Zai menu
roasted chicken rice
We opted for roasted chicken breast, this was big portion as we added on the meat. Nothing to spectacular as it was just chicken breast meat
vege acar
Nyonya acar with fruits and vegetables
chicken dried noodle
Springy wan ton noodle with roasted chicken. For wanton noodle, our first choice is still Mak Chee
roasted chicken rice
Chicken rice with chili sauce
restaurant kl zai
The signature of KL Zai: Crispy pork belly, roasted char siew, roasted herbal duck and roasted chicken
kl zai restaurant ss 2
kl zai roast pork
kl zai restaurant

What do We Like about KL Zai Restaurant?

  • Option to have roasted stuffs at night in the neighbourhood
  • Foods were not bad

58 Jalan SS 2/10, Petaling Jaya, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Street, Selangor


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