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Japanese,  Subang Jaya

Kinpachi Subang Jaya – Good Old Japanese Restaurant

Kinpachi has been in operation for many years. Manned by Japanese chef, staff who speak Japanese and a lot of sake and wine, we feel like we are really in Japan.

kinpachi bento
kinpachi sashimi

The Menu

There are wide range of selection in the menu. The specialty in Kinpachi is that it offers daily fresh in seasons sashimi that is written on the white board, seems like more exotic dishes. For the less adventurous, the menu has enough items to choose from. They are such as sashimi, sushi, grill, salad, hot pot, and etc.

kinpachi menu
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kinpachi menu
daily special menu
The daily special

The food

We had a tonkatsu set and a Kinpachi bento during our visit.

With all the side dishes and condiments, our tables were full and it looked so inviting 🙂

The tonkatsu was normal, of course we can’t compare it with the one we had in Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, but not too bad either.

As for Kinpachi bento, it came with many stuffs in small portion, such as saba, sashimi, tempura prawn, tonkatsu, tofu, miso soup, etc. The variety within the set made it fulfilling and satisfying. 

Both the sets came with rice, fruit and salad.

kinpachi tonkatsu
kinpachi dinner
saba fish
tempura prawn

The environment and price

The restaurant may be old in some part, the decoration and design may be dated but it was clean and neat. The sushi counter seems like a renovated one.

Service was prompt and we like the Japanese kind of ambience.

Worth returning?

Yes and we have been returning.

Kinpachi Japanese Restaurant:

Lot 1.06, Wisma Dicor, Jalan SS 17/1A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Facebook: here

sushi counter
kinpachi interior
kinpachi exterior
japanese wine
kinpachi private rooom
japanese wine
kinpachi interior

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