kfc extra spicy fried chicken
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KFC Extra Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken – Can be Spicier

It has been so long since we had KFC. Saw it is promoting the extra hot and spicy fried chicken, we had it delivered to us 🙂

kfc fried chicken

The Menu

We ordered one set of original set, one set of extra hot and spicy set and one potato wedges. Not cheesy wedges therefore no cheesy sauce on it.

Not sure if this set is not categorized as snack plate, there were no garlic bun came with the meal though.


kfc original fried chicken
kfc fried chicken

The KFC Extra Hot and Spicy Fried Chicken

The fried chickens did look more red and golden in the skin color. However it were not as hot and spicy as we expected. Recalled that McD’s hot and spicy chickens were spicier. 

The skins were not as crunchy as well. Their signature hot and spicy has a crunchier skin and we actually prefer that over extra hot and spicy flavor. Nevertheless the chickens were juicy and the fried chicken skin were addictive. 

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kfc potato wedges
potato wedges

The Price

The set were pricier as we ordered it from Grab, it costed us around RM45 including drinks.

Worth returning to KFC?

This is a no brainer question. No one could resist KFC and we had just received the voucher for completing vaccination, more KFC to come 🙂

kentucky fried chicken

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