Key Hiong Dim Sum
Chinese,  Petaling Jaya

Key Hiong Dim Sum, PJ – Definitely Coming Back

Key Hiong Dim Sum

Key Hiong Dim Sum, stumbled upon this dim sum place –  in Taman Megah Petaling Jaya.

Key Hiong Dim Sum

The Menu

Their menu, lots of varieties – Char Siew Bun RM2.60, Chicken Sticky Rice (Loh Mai Kai) RM5.50, Lotus Seed Bun RM2.60, Porridge RM4.00, among special items golden bun (eggs custard) RM2.60, Red Wine Chicken Bun RM4.00 and Bamboo Yam Bum RM4.00. Dim Sum variety is between RM5.50 – Rm5.50, fried items between RM5.50, Rm7.00 & Rm10.00.

Dim Sum Variety 1
Dim Sum variety 2

The Food at Key Hiong Dim Sum

At Key Hiong, they still adopt the old school and traditional serving concepts where dim sum are placed in a small steel plate in a big bamboo steamer while their staff patrolling from table to table to allow customer pick and choose.

Dim Sum varieties are good and fresh, selection is plentiful for everyone preference.

Fried Dim Sum

Key Hiong Dim Sum - ambience and price

Dim Sum Variety
Dim Sum
Char Siew Bun
Prawn fritters
Golden Bun

Char Siew & Golden Bun is nice, as you bite into the bun the egg custard is gushing out.  Prawn fritters is part of their special dim sum variety with good filling for RM10.00.

Key Hiong is located in the busting areas of Taman Megah. Right opposite up-coming Megah Rise Condominium. They have two dine-in areas, ground floor and 1st floor with air-conditioner. However, their ground floor dining can be stuffy with crowd and food steaming stations in front thus we opt for 1st floor more airy and spaces, very much more comfortable. 

In short, the whole experience is good from their food, ambience and friendly staff too. After all, it cost around Rm50 meal for two, pretty decent and reasonable for dim sum meal.

Worth returning to Key Hiong?

Yes, we’ll be back when crave for dim sum.

Kee Hiong Taman Megah
Bambpp tray of Dim Sum
Steam Bun Stations


No.21, Jalan ss24/8 Taman Megah 47301 Petaling Jaya 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours:

6am to 6pm (Likely close on every Monday)


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