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KBN King’s Seremban Beef Noodle, Uptown D’sara

Tucked away in the vibrant neighborhood of Uptown Damansara, KBN (King’s Seremban Beef Noodle) has recently emerged as a haven for beef noodle lovers seeking an authentic Seremban beef noodle experience. 

This newly opened eatery brings the rich flavors of third generation from Seremban’s renowned beef noodles to the palates of Klang Valley residents.

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beef meat ball KBN
soup beef slices and stomach

A Distinctive Dry Sauce:

One of the highlights at KBN is their special sliced beef noodle served in dry sauce. What sets this dish apart is the unique brown sauce that accompanies the tender beef slices and noodles. The sweet and savory notes of the sauce and beef slices were a good combination.

As a tribute to Seremban’s heritage, KBN also offers the all-time favorite mixed sliced beef and stomach noodle. With the choice of lai fun, beef hoon, or hor fun as the base, this dish showcases the balance of flavors and textures that Seremban beef noodles are known for. The clear and flavorful beef broth serves as the foundation, while the tender beef slices and succulent stomach pieces add layers of richness. Each bite is a testament to the time-honored recipes that have made Seremban beef noodles legendary.


KBN Beef Noodle Uptown Damansara menu
Click to Enlarge Menu
KBN Beef Noodle Uptown Damansara menu

To complete our dinner, we also tried KBN’s beef meatballs. The meatballs were tender, juicy, and bouncy.

Quenching our thirst, we opted for KBN’s signature blended iced lemon tea. The blending technique used in its preparation creates a frothy foam on top of the tea, enhancing the unique taste. It was a refreshing beverage that perfectly complemented the flavors of the beef noodles.

dinner at KBN
special beef slice
The special beef slices were tasty and it was like beef jerky. A unique signature dish created by the owner
beef slice
dry lai fun
The dry beef noodle in the brown sauce and special sliced beef

KBN Uptown Damansara brings the essence of Seremban’s renowned beef noodles to the Klang Valley. With its focus on authenticity and the distinctive dry sauce and special sliced beef, KBN is a true delight.

salted vegetable
beef stomach
The beef stomach dipped in signature chili sauce
special sliced beef to bring home
The special sliced beef are available for take away as a snack at home

What do We Like about KBN?

  • Flavorful beef noodle soup with the tender beef slices
  • The special sliced beef, full of texture and tasty
  • The chili sauce goes well with the noodle and beef
31, Jalan SS 21/56b, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
KBN Beef Noodle Uptown Damansara
KBN Beef Noodle Uptown Damansara

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