nasi lemak with curry gravy
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Kaw Kaw Pak Kopi SS 2 浓浓白咖啡 – Fragrant Pastries

Kaw Kaw Pak Kopi SS 2 has been crowded every time we passed by the shop.

The recent trend in the F&B seems to be the Hainanese, oriental foods and beverage. Things related to white coffee, kaya toast or Chinese pastries will definitely draw a crowd.

lunch at kaw kaw pak kopi
Signature wan tan noodle with char siew and some pork lard
kaw kaw pak kopi ss2
Did not have pak kopi. Just one cup of cham (coffee + tea) kosong hence the black colour
siew pau and coconut tart
Coconut tart and siew pau
signature food
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Wide variety of noodles
nasi lemak
Four types of nasi lemak and chee cheong fun
snacks and pastries
Many snack or pastries to choose from. All looks tempting
beverage menu
Nasi lemak with curry gravy. It came with sambal, hard boiled egg and fried chicken drumstick
wan tan noodle
The wan tan noodle has some springy texture. The char siew was combination of fat and lean
siew pau
Siew pau was our favorite, the skin was crispy and fragrant. Next round we could just come back during tea time for a cup of tea and many pastries
cham kosong
Cham kosong with ice
freshly baked pastries
Freshly made pastries. Free fragrance and smell for those queueing
interior of kaw kaw pak kopi
Nostalgic interior setting

What do We Like about Kaw Kaw Pak Kopi?

  • The many types of pastries, we will definitely be back to try it out

Kaw Kaw Pak Kopi SS 2

27, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

the legend of thickness
Kaw Kaw now occupied two shops. There is a massage centre in between so the staff always walking in between to serve the foods and beverages
interior of kaw kaw pak kopi
kaw kaw pak kopi ss2
One of the shop of Kaw Kaw

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