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Joshijosh – Local Favorites Delivered from Ara Damansara

Joshijosh was introduced by a colleague when the movement control order started.

We have been ordering delivery from them for many times. Previously we ordered through their Whatsapp until recently we noticed they are listed on Airasia food. We could use the reward point accumulated some time ago to pay for the order, however we later found out it is still better to order directly via Whatsapp so that Joshijosh does not need to pay for the platform fee. #savelocalbusiness

free pepsi joshijosh
Free Pepsi with each meal

Joshijosh Menu

Joshijosh serves local, Japanese and western cuisines. Nasi kerabu ayam percik is one of their signature. In addition, they serve wide variety of foods such as nasi lemak, nasi beriani, fried mee, desserts and many types of cake.

Check out their website >here or menu >here. When browsing through their website, it was then we found out they are actually doing events and catering service.

joshijosh lunch
nasi beriani ayam

The foods from Joshijosh

In the most recent order, we went with nasi kerabu ayam percik and nasi beriani ayam. They have also improved their packaging to sealed box, though it was kinda difficult to peel the seal off.

The ayam percik came with a huge huge chicken leg, quite spicy but the sauce was tongue tingling good. The rice portion was big too.

As for nasi beriani ayam, the ayam was just ok, the curry gravy could be spicier and less watery. The beriani rice on the other hand was very good, very soft and fluffy.

We also got two free Pepsi as Joshijosh was running promotion. It was Pepsi in mangga flavor, not quite to our liking though.

nasi beriani joshijosh
ayam kari joshijosh
drumstick ayam percik

The price of Joshijosh

Two sets of the meal came to about RM 30 with free drink and free delivery fee.

Worth reordering from Joshijosh?

Yes and we have been reordering.

Joshijosh Events & Catering: 25, Jalan PJU 1A/42 Ara Permata, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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