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Huat Kee “Loh Shu Fun” Klang – Hakka Yong Tau Fu

Huat Kee “Loh Shu Fun” another Klang delicacies and good eat, as part of re-discovery of Klang.

Emporium Makan one of the oldest food court in Klang dated back at least 50 years, which housed GAMA supermarket one of those earliest supermarket around before we have mega super mall. Emporium Makan since demolish for LRT3 development. A walk down to memory lane for many Klangties. 

Despite they (Huat Kee) have relocated but they’re not forgotten. 

The menu

The signature dishes, Loh Shu Fun (short noodle) serves with soup together with their home-made fishball, fish paste stuffed white Tou-Fu and minced pork and top it off with their homemade chili sauce – a perfect comfort food for many. 

They serves Bee Hoon, Koey Teow and Yellow Noodles too. Also, as add=on they’ve stuffed fish paste chili, stuffed fish paste bitter gourd and stuffed fish paste brinjal and stuff fish paste Tou-Pok too.

Huat Kee "Loh Shu Fun"
Huat Kee "Loh Shu Fun"
Yong Tau Fu

Huat Kee "Loh Shu Fun"

They now operate in their own shop, in Lintang Gelugor Klang, runs by family members over 40 years experience maintaining the same taste same flavorful fried minced pork and the signature homemade fishballs and chili saucce. Ultimate combo !!! 

Huat Kee "Loh Shu Fun"
Loh Shu Fun with fishball, fried fu zuk, white tau fu

Regular serving come with 3 fish balls and one Yong Tau Fu & minced pork with noodle of your choose for Rm7.00. Top up to RM9.00 for 3 fish balls, 2 pieces of Yong Tau Fu (usually stuffed white tau fu and fried fu zok) & minced pork with noodle of your choose. 

Huat Kee "Loh Shu Fun" - Worth returning?

Definite Yes for me and for many Klang folks too (i would say). It is part of Klang heritage & good eat. 

Address: 5, Lintang Gelugor, Kawasan 17, 41150 Klang, Selangor

Operating Hours: 11am to 7.30pm


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