Braised eggs, taupok, taukee
Chinese,  Klang

Hainan Curry Rice – Jalan Nanas, Klang

Stick Hainan Curry Rice

Hainan Curry Rice in Klang

Hainan Curry Rice as part of our re-discovery of Klang delicacies and good eat! 

While we heading down to the now relocated curry rice in Jalan Nanas, Klang (formerly housed  at food stall beside Klang Cathay cinema). It’s like walking down memory lanes recollecting memories and moments growing up and experiences in Klang town. 

When we are here, looking up at their sign-board  its been around since 1974 in Klang (wow, that’s a long-time); they are now in a new shop just opposite the then Klang Cathay cinema (not to far away from their original stall which have since removed).

Walking in getting seated we can’t help but notice they serves their rice with generous portion of curry gravy topping with their braised ingredients

Braised eggs, taupok, taukee
Braised ingredient - Egg, Beancurd, Tau Pok

What we had in Hainan Curry Rice

It was a weekday during our visit which we missed out on the Curry Chicken and Asam fish (weekend special).

It was already 12.30 noon when we reached and unfortunately their pork slice have all sold-out. Since its lunch, we ordered a meal for two; two steam rice with curry topping gravy, braised eggs, braised beancurd, braised tau pok and  a clear soup (since me, not too fancy of pork intestine and pork blood (“spare-parts”) we requested a clear soup minus the spare-parts.

Surprise Surprise

Time to dig-in, to our surprises the “banjir” topping of curry gravy it is savoury sweet instead of spicy, its starchy and gooey with hints of curry flavor. 

Another surprise, this meal for two cost us less than RM12.00 (partly that was supposedly we didn’t manage to order the pork slice.

Shop interior
Good dine in and take away crowd
Busy stall
Hustle Hustle ...
Stall of Hainan Curry Rice
The stall

It was a full house on that day during our dine-in and constants flow of take-away too.

How was my experience of this traditional shop, all in all it was alright. 

Perhaps next trip, should be a weekend food hunting so that we can try out their curry chicken and asam fish. 

Oh ya . . . importantly as the saying goes “early bird catch the worm” next visit must be early. 

Menu of Hainan Curry Rice
Menu of Hainan Curry Rice
Store front of Hainan Curry Rice Klang
Klang Hainan Curry House since 1974

Klang Hainan Curry Rice (since 1974) – they’ve just moved in 18 January 2021. 

Their operating hours 6.30am to 2pm, Monday to Sunday.


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