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Gold Dragon City Tmn. Paramount – Good Food & Price

Here we come to Gold Dragon City. After passing by the restaurant for many years, we never tried it. Mainly due to it looks like a banquet hall type of restaurant. It was always having a full house (saw that from the glass windows every time we passed by even during weekdays).

So we think they might not want to serve small table as there are only two of us.

After starting to write down our dining experience at various location, we noticed that there are actually many restaurants around our usual location. We have yet to try many of them, not even once though it has been there more than five years or a decade even.

We then decided to cover those nearby us, as we do not want to miss trying it like many other restaurants which were closed due to pandemic. So here we are at Gold Dragon City, Taman Paramount after making reservation for a weekday’s dinner.

wine garlic chicken
Chicken & Shao Xin wine in clay pot

The Menu

The menu of Gold Dragon City looks new during our visit. Price are indicated clearly except for whole fish which is seasonal price. The price is reasonable, seafoods are more expensive than the rest. There are also abalones and some other more expensive items.

Plenty of choice for us to choose from.

There are also set menu pasted on the glass window, surprisingly there are still set menu of 4 to 6 pax at RM268++and RM328++, not too expensive for such restaurant setting.

gold dragon city menu
Click the menu to enlarge
gold dragon city menu

The food of Gold Dragon City

We had ginger onion fish slices, chicken & Shao Xin wine in clay pot and a stir fried kai lan with garlic.

We like all the dishes, there were perfectly done with enough wok hei.

Fish was tender yet firm in its texture, the spring onion complement well with the fish.

The wine chicken was another highlight, the sauce was in good wine taste, it was thickly coating the chicken and blended well with rice too. 

Even the stir kai lan was very good, still looking fresh and fresh. It was very crunchy and we liked the stem part the most.

stir fried kai lan with garlic
ginger onion fish slices
wine garlic chicken
ginger onion fish slices

The environment of Gold Dragon City and price

We dined on the first floor with a medium round table. The environment is comfortable and bright. Most importantly the service was good. The captain gave few suggestion as there are only two of us dining in.

We picked an early slot at 6pm to avoid the crowd and so that not to occupy their table for the peak hours. 

The bill came to RM80 which we considered cheap for the quality and environment.

Worth returning?

Overall the dining experience at Gold Dragon City was a great one and we look forward going back to try other dishes. A restaurant that has been operating for so long definitely has something good, we definitely will be visiting more of them in the neighborhood.

Restaurant Gold Dragon City: 

14 – 16, Jalan 20/16a, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

gold dragon city interior
First floor setting
gold dragon city

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