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Go 2 Pan Mee, SS 2 – Delicious Loh Mee

Go 2 Pan Mee, another restaurant in SS 2 Chow Yang area that we are visiting. 

Dinner situation
soup dumpling

The Menu

Go 2 Pan Mee has a menu with photo to illustrate. We appreciated it a lot as we will have a rough idea of what we will be getting. 

There are various dried and soup type in thin or thick type of noodle. There are also yee mee and the hand tear pan mee. 

Go 2 Pan Mee also has the option to add on noodle at RM 1. This is the option that not available in Super Kitchen chili panmee so we usually have to order three bowls for two persons to share if we feel like to have more of the noodle.

Not only noodle, it also has rice option such as curry chicken rice and even lui cha (Hakka rice in mint soup).

go 2 pan mee menu
Click menu to enlarge

The food

We ordered a loh mee in thin noodle and a soup thick pan mee with bitter gourd. Also added on a bowl of soup dumplings.

The soup base of pan mee with bitter gourd has good taste in it though it looked clear and plain. It also has generous portion of pork slices.

The highlight of the dinner would be the loh mee in thick dark colored broth base. Rarely found in Klang Valley, this was my favorite type of loh mee as compared to the light brown colored type of soup base.

Added with black vinegar, the loh mee soup had good umami taste and was appetizing. All the noodle was springy with good texture.

The soup dumplings had generous portion of fillings as well.

loh pan mee
Loh Mee in thick soup base and black vinegar
soup dumpling
Four pieces of soup dumplings in a bowl
go 2 pan mee interior

The environment and price

The shop has a no frill setup. Most of the furnitures are from Ikea. Clean, tidy and comfortable to dine in.

The bill came to about RM 30 for the dinner we had.

go 2 pan mee

What do we like about Go 2 Pan Mee?

  • The delicious loh mee
  • The soup dumplings
  • The dining environment

Restoran Go 2 Pan Mee:

No. 125, Jalan SS 2/6, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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