Get Baked x Journ
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Get Baked x Journ – Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya

‘Get Baked’ has since ceased operation – updated 11 Aug 2023.

‘Get Baked X Journ’ is a new cafe opened their door in 2020 year end. They are at a corner shop lot alongside with some old shop-houses in Seapark, Taman Paramount. With this addition, there are more hipsters cafe set foot in this area.

Meng Kee Steamed Soup (famous for their doubled boiled soup) is opposite this cafe and the famous ginger garlic steams fish restaurant is right beside it.

Menu - 'Get Baked'
Get Baked - Menu
All Days Breakfast & Mains
Get Baked - Menu
Pastries / Bread & Savoury / Sweets
Get Baked - Menu
Drinks Menu
Kombucha Menu
Americano & Latte
Quiche Americano & Latte
Quiche and Coffees
Quiche Lorraine

The food

Browsing through their menu, we ordered Quiche Lorraine, Americano and Latte, considering its tea-time. Their Quiche, was alright and it was just balance with eggs, cheese, tomato and chicken ham. It goes well with the Americano.

Open Concept Kitchen
Open Concept Kitchen
Coffee Pastries corner
Coffee / Pastries Counter

There are two sitting sections. 

Firstly, the area closer to cashier, coffee/pastries counter, as you entered the cafe.  It’s bright with the help of natural lighting. This is in addition, to the huge glass panel window. 

Next, pace along closer to their open kitchen there’s another section under cozy warm light (minus the natural sunlight).

Its ambience is comfy suitable for clients meet-up, buddy hang-up and a place to chill. However, there is an open kitchen, so not sure whether it will affect the dining experience when there is heavy cooking from the kitchen.

Get Baked
Get Baked

Worth returning?

To sum up, it was a pleasant visit, we will return to give the breakfast variety and other pastries a shot. 

For instances, we would love to try Matcha Bostock, Cream Cheese Phan and Green Tea Burnt Cheesecake. The price tags is kind of on the high side in our opinion.

Their operating hours, 10am to 7pm. Monday to Sunday

Address: 21, Jalan 20/16, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya.

FB : https://www.facebook.com/getbakedmalaysia/


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