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Frangipaani, The Republik – Interesting Pani Puri

Been planning to try out Frangipaani for a while and finally an occasion to celebrate so here we go to Frangipaani, The Republik Bukit Damansara.

Frangipaani signboard

The Menu

Frangipaani has an extensive north Indian cuisines in the menu. We do not recognize most of them so luckily the main ingredients are listed in the menu to ease our selection. There are various dishes from small plates, grills, meaty delights to seafoods.

The drinks selection are quite a lot as well. We found Frangipaani’s twist and classic cocktails, however we stick to our usual Indian cuisine routine – the original salty lassi and the beautifully pinkish rose lassi.

Frangipaani menu
Click to enlarge the menu

The food

The waitress was attentive and kind enough to introduce and explain to us the foods.

We ended up ordered pani puri, pav bahji sliders, maharaja seekh kebab, murgh biryani and Frangipaani’s butter chicken.

All the foods were strong in the taste as it has a lot of herbs and spices. We ended up can’t differentiate the taste as just recognized that we had a lot of curries. 

The one thing that we must mention is the pani puri. We have always like Indian food however this was the first time we stumbled upon pani puri and it turned out so amazing.

The waitress guided us to add the tamarind sauce into the puri which had been filled up with some snack alike ingredients. Then poured the shot into the puri and eat it in one mouthful. The moment the cooling shot exploded in the mouth in the first bite – we must say it was heavenly!

The sweet and sourness, cooling taste accompanied with the crunchiness of puri and the filling, it gave a great punch and everything just collided so well in this small plate dish.

We would not mind just to go back to Frangipaani solely to have pani puri. No joke 🙂

pav bhaji sliders
Pav bhaji sliders
pani puri
pani puri
pani puri

Pani puri – our favorite dish of the day. Must try!

lamb seekh
Maharaja seekh kebab
chicken biryani
Murgh biryani
Original salty lassi and rose lassi
butter chicken
Butter chicken
murgh biryani

The environment and price

The ambience is good, the staff is attentive. Many times they have attended to us before we even asked for them. Thumbs up.

The lunch meal came to around RM 250 for all the items we had.

Frangipaani interior

What do we like about Frangipaani KL?

  • The pani puri – great first experience of trying
  • The ambience and attentive service

Frangipaani KL:

The Republik, Lot No.M.03, Mezzanine Floor, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Frangipaani interior
Frangipaani interior
frangipaani outdoor

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