crispy hainanese chicken chop
Petaling Jaya,  Western

Florida Western Food Sea Park – Affordable

Florida Western Food is the latest addition in the food scene of Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.

The dark red exterior drawn our attention and we were there second day after the grand opening to try it out. We can still smell new furniture when dining in. *Wink* 

crispy hainanese chicken chop
Hainanese crispy chicken chop. The chicken was fried to crispy, served with Hainese gravy. This was delicious. Portion wise, it was average for an adult
mushroom soup
Mushroom soup served in a flat bowl (?!). Typical mushroom soup, nothing to complain
florida menu
Click to Enlarge Menu. The Syok series menu. The price for all the items are actually quite reasonable
florida menu
The main dishes menu, again the price range are affordable. Click to Enlarge Menu. The shop uses online ordering system and serves the foods after we made payment using credit/ debit card.
florida menu
It just recently opened its door on 23 December 2022
grilled chicken chop with fries florida
The grilled chicken chop in original flavour. Served with fries and some green
original grilled chicken
Dinner situation. The grilled chicken was not bad but we prefer the crispy version more
florida seating
A quiet corner of Florida. The decoration and renovation must have costed a few.
florida seapark interior
The interior setting of Florida was comfortable and cozy
florida western food seapark
Florida Western Food Sea Park

What do We Like about Florida Western Food, Sea Park?

  • Affordable western foods 
  • Comfortable dining environment

Jln 21/19, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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