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Five Guys, Pavilion KL – HUGE Burger

This was the first time we tried out Five Guys, our impression was that this is how the State’s people diet like – huge portion and high in sugar content.

messy sauce
Little burger - came with one beef patty, a thick patty. All meat and no filler according to what we saw in Five Guy's board.
fries and milk shake
The packaging of the burger, fries and milkshakes. There were still a lot of fries in the bag though we ordered a regular sized fries. The milkshakes were kind of overly sweet for our tastebuds. The texture was quite thick though
five guys milkshakes menu
The milkshakes' menu - fully customizable. 8 selections are available to choose and it can make over thousand of possible combinations. For burger, there are 15 free toppings to choose from. We chose vanilla, strawberry and bananas for our milkshakes
five guys menu
The burgers menu - no fillers and no preservatives as published by Five Guys. We chose 'All the way' for our burgers' topping
cheese burger
Two burgers - Burger (two beef patties) and Little Burger (one beef patty)
beef burger
Two thick beef patties, juicy enough and definitely a fulfilling burger
cheese burger five guys
Messy sauces made a good burger
cheese burger five guys
A lot of fries to go with the burgers
all the way
'All the way' toppings
more fries five guys
Definitely not the typical 'Regular' size
five guys pavilion
Five Guys Pavilion KL outlet
today's potatoes
The fries we had during our visit was from Bouman Poortvliet Netherlands

What do We Like about Five Guys, Pavilion KL?

  • The beef patties were good and not too dried. Portions of the fries and burgers were huge

Lot C3.06.01, Level 3, Connection, Pavilion KL

five guys
five guys pavilion

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