ayam panggang gulai cili jom share menu
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Wondermama 1 Utama – Jom Share Set

At Wondermama in 1 Utama, we had an exciting food experience. We chose the Ayam Panggang Gulai Chili set, meant for sharing. This set is a mix of traditional Malaysian flavors with a modern twist. Let’s see how it all came together!

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ayam panggang gulai cili jom share menu

The Ayam Panggang Gulai Chili Set

Our meal started with the special Ayam Panggang Gulai Chili set. This set had delicious grilled chicken in a spicy chili sauce. The taste was great!

Tasty Sides: With the chicken, we got some extra dishes. The urap, a coconut salad, gave a fresh and crunchy taste. The keropok lekor, a crispy fish cracker, was a unique addition. The Nyonya acar was tangy and added excitement. The telur masin, salty eggs, made the meal even better.

Yummy Sambals: We couldn’t miss the sambal! There were three types – sambal hijau, sambal merah, and sambal belacan. These spicy sauces added different flavors and made every bite interesting.

Refreshing Drinks: Even though the set came with special tea, we chose ice lemon tea. It was cool and went well with the strong flavors of the meal.

Nasi Pandan Hijau: The nasi pandan hijau, was the base of our meal. It smelled great and added a nice twist to the taste.

wondermama one utama menu
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A Mix of Flavors: The set had many different tastes that worked together. The grilled chicken, spicy sambal, fresh salad, crispy crackers, and tangy acar made a delicious combination.

Our visit to Wondermama was good! The Ayam Panggang Gulai Chili set was full of exciting flavors. The Jom Share sets at Wondermama are a great choice. You’ll enjoy the mix of tastes and the cozy atmosphere.

ayam panggang gulai cili jom share menu
wondermama one utama
wondermama one utama

What do We Like about WonderMama, One Utama?

  • The sharing set allows us to have variety of stuff to try

Lot S131 2nd Floor, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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