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Baba Nyonya House – One Utama

Recently, we tried Baba Nyonya House in One Utama, where it serves plenty choices of Nyonya kuih. Join us as we share the delightful dishes we enjoyed during our lunch.

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cucur udang
yam cai kueh
  • Mee Siam: Tangy and spicy rice vermicelli dish topped with some egg slices.

  • Fruit Rojak (Self-Assembled): A refreshing salad where we assembled a variety of fruits with rojak sauce, crushed peanuts, and crackers.

  • Kuih Ketayap: Pandan crepes filled with sweet coconut and palm sugar mixture.

  • Kuih Seri Muka: Two-layered dessert with glutinous rice and pandan custard.

  • Cucur Udang: Crispy fritters made with prawns, served with chili sauce.

  • Yam Cai Kuih: Yam dumplings wrapped in chewy skin. This was a special combination rarely found else where.

  • Popiah: Fried spring rolls filled with vegetables.

  • Chwee Kuih: Steamed rice cakes topped with preserved radish. The kuih was not firmed enough but not too bad anyway

baba nyonya menu
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baba nyonya menu
baba nyonya house one utama
baba nyonya house one utama
baba nyonya house one utama
lunch at baba nyonya
mee siam

Baba Nyonya House at One Utama offer huge variety of kuih selection, we will definitely return to try more of them.

chwee kueh

What do We Like about Baba Nyonya House?

  • The many variety of kuih in their menu

SK7A, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

fruit rojak
baba nyonya house, one utama
baba nyonya house one utama

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