roasted chicken rice with two eggs
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Dinner at 简记 Kan Kee Restaurant in JioSpace

Kan Kee Restaurant in JioSpace is a cool place to grab some yummy Chinese foods. We went there for dinner and tried their roasted chicken and char siew rice. It’s a cozy spot with a relaxed vibe, perfect for a quick and easy meal.

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char siew rice with two eggs
dinner at kan kee

What’s on the Menu:

Kan Kee has a bunch of tasty options, like roasted chicken, char siew (sweet pork), and siu yok (crispy pork). They also have noodles, toast, and different kinds of coffee drinks.

Our Dinner Experience:

We ordered Roasted Chicken Rice and Char Siew Rice. Each plate came with two fried eggs and a bowl of soup. The roasted chicken was ok, and the char siew was sweet and tender. The eggs and soup made the meal even better.

Kan Kee Restaurant menu
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char siew rice with two eggs

Convenience and Free Parking:

Eating here is quick and easy, making it a good choice for a fast meal. Plus, JioSpace gives you free parking for the first hour, which is a bonus.

Kan Kee in JioSpace is a neat spot for a simple and tasty dinner. The food is good, the atmosphere is chill, and it’s convenient. If you’re around JioSpace and want a quick and delicious meal, give Kan Kee a shot.

Kan Kee Restaurant
Kan Kee Restaurant

简记 Kan Kee Restaurant

JioSpace – Lot, 1, Jalan 19/1b, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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