sundao and soya milk
Dessert,  Petaling Jaya

Dao Damansara Jaya – Silky Smooth Beancurd (Daofufah)

Dao served the best daofufah / beancurd. No debate required.

We have been having Dao’s beancurd, soy milk, softserve for quite some time. In between we did try out other brand, but none comes close to Dao.

ginger taufufah
Silky smooth daofufah with perfect texture. Not too soft yet not too firm
woong kee bean curd
Sundao cone in big portion. Dao is the Woong Kee Beancurd 2.0
dao interior
Rattan chairs in the shop
dao menu
Menu taken from Dao's facebook. It serves daofufah, daored, daobak, daonai, sundao. All using soy beans as the main ingredients
dao menu
Dao is also serving shaved ice, geledao, matcha series.
sundao and soya milk
Sundao cone, daofufah and soy milk
dao entrance
The entrance of the Damansara Jaya outlet. Currently it has 5 outlets in Klang Valley
dao interior
The lower tables and chairs in the shop
smooth taufufah
Daofufah in ginger syrup. It is also having the options white, brown and chrysanthemum syrup.
ginger beancurd
The daofufah was very smooth and soft. There are some other brands that we tried, the texture of the beancurd was like tofu, we can't brain that
sundao cup
Very creamy, milky and huge portion of sundao cup. Served with tang yuan (glutunous balls) and shredded cincau
dao it for the gram
Dao it for the gram
dine-in limit
pick up counter
The self pick up counter

What do We Like about Dao Damansara Jaya?

  • The texture of daofufah was the best we have tasted by far. The quality is indeed above standard as it is not stingy of the ingredientsย 
  • The sundao softserve was so thick and creamy. Unlike usual ice cream which can be quite watery, a scoop of Dao’s softserve took longer time to melt in the mouth

Dao Damansara Jaya:

21, Jalan SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

dao interior

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