lunch at dai cha dim pavillion kl
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Dai Cha Dim – Pavillion KL

Visited Dai Cha Dim for the second time. This time round we went to Pavillion KL and took the chance to also visited the recently famous Eslite Spectrum at the Starhill Gallery.

prawn fried rice
Fried rice with shrimps. The shrimps were huge and there were about five of it in the wok hei infused fried rice
steamed prawn dumpling
The steamed shrimp dumplings
wonton noodles
Click to Enlarge Menu - The wonton noodle
bbq meat noodles
The BBQ meat noodle
dai cha dim pavillion kl menu
The fried rice menu
steamed rice menu
The steamed rice
dai cha dim pavillion kl menu
Everything at the Dai Cha Dim Pavillion KL
big prawn in the fried rice
Huge shrimps, tender and bouncy to go with the fried rice
steamed dumpling
The shrimps dumplings were just ok. Like what we will get from the usual dim sum restaurant
pork chop dried noodle
The pork chop wonton noodle. The portion of the noodle was not too big. The noodle was also springy and too dry
shrimp fried rice
More fried rice, more shrimps
fried pork chop wanton noodle
The thick cut pork chop, it was not too oily, tender to bite
dai cha dim pavillion kl
dai cha dim pavillion kl
Not too crowded during our visit. It was usually having full house during the lunch hours

What do We Like about Dai Cha Dim, Pavillion KL?

  • The many variety of foods selection
  • The foods were tasty

Lot 6 . 01 . 03, 168, Bukit Bintang St, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

dai cha dim pavillion kl
Noticed the big poster of Shang har noodle. It was offered for limited time

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