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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Breakfast, Tea-Break anytime

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tea, Coffee, Breakfast meals and pastries too anytime.

coffee bean, Coffee & Tea
coffee bean breakfast food for thought
Food for Thought

We ordered 2 all day breakfast sets. There are many varieties available from their Breakfast All Day menu. Each set comes with beverage either coffee or tea, for your to choose.

Firstly, Food for Thought (what a catchy name) served with panini bread, coddled eggs, butter, jam and side salad. We ordered coffee for this set.

Secondly, we ordered Salmon Scramble. Fluffy scrambled eggs top with fresh cut salmon and side salad coupled with English-breakfast tea.

The rest of breakfast set menus look amazing too, eg. Egg Ben, bread topped with cheese, chicken ham, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Brek “o” day, bread and sausages, scrambled egg and side salad.

coffee bean breakfast
Salmon Scramble
scramble salmon

What's more in Coffee Bean . . .

Besides all the breakfast sets, the bagel, muffin or scones are perfect for tea-time. 

On a separate visit, we had their scrumptious scone set: “My mom’s scone”, served with butter and jam and paired with hot tea – perfect.

Also, check out their Gourmet and Bakery menu they have hot meals, salmon & mushroom agio-olio, chicken lasagna and salad too cranberry salad or caesar salad. Bakery, from cakes to spicy chicken puff or chicken pie. The menu may vary between branches though.

Scrumptious Scone
Scrumptious Scone
Scrumptious Scone
coffee bean interior

The environment and price

Nice ambience, cozy area for family get-together, friends catch-up session or even perfect place to wind-down enjoying some me-time. 

coffee bean interior

Worth returning?

Yes, for their coffee/tea, hot-meals or bakery perfect for breakfast or tea-break.

Remember to check out website for their location and operations hours as it may vary between each locations.



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