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Claypot Curry Fish, Restoran Paramount 86

Claypot curry fish for the humble stall series again.

This stall is located in Restoran Paramount 86. The coffeeshop that has also the famous Hokkien fried noodle.

claypot curry fish
The boiling claypot curry fish.
menu of millennium 86 curry fish
The menu has curry fish and assam fish. There are fish head, fish meat and seafood to choose from. There are also fried/ boiled vegetables to go with the curry fish. Click to Enlarge Menu
take away menu
The take away menu with photo illustration. Click to Enlarge Menu
boiling claypot
The curry fish was boiling on the stove
pot of curry gravy
Big pot of curry gravy awaiting to turn into curry fish
claypot curry fish
We went with medium set fish meat curry. The lady said the portion was enough for two. The fish was meaty and tender. Most importantly no fishy smell
claypot curry fish
Fish meat and quite a lot of vegetables such as cabbages, brinjal and long bean. The curry gravy was not those thick type. However it was just right for the curry fish. It was good to drink on it own too
tauhu pok
The tauhu pok was an important ingredients for curry
claypot curry fish
We also had a steamed tofu with dried shrimp to go with curry fish
dried shrimp steamed tofu
claypot curry fish
The stall front. Simple stall with good food

What do We Like about Claypot Curry Fish at Restoran Paramount 86?

  • The fish was fresh, meaty and tender. Curry gravy was good
  • The price was reasonable considered it was fish dishes

Claypot Curry Fish Head/ Meat/ Seafood, Restoran Paramount 86

1, Jalan 20/16, Paramount Garden, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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