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Chef Loh XO Fried Fish Head Noodles

Chef Loh XO Fried Fish Head Noodles (formerly known as Kaki Bola) is located in Taman Paramount. It served fresh and delicious fish head noodles.

There are fried and fresh fish, we prefer their fresh fish in clear XO soup.

tomato clear soup chef loh
Fresh big head carp fish in clear XO soup
tomato clear soup
Big tomato served with the mee hoon soup. The soup broth was sweet and appetizing, most probably due to the tomato and salted vege
Chef Loh XO Fried Fish Head Noodles
Click to Enlarge. There are XO flavour with and without milk. Shiong tong Flavour and Tomyam flavour. There are also big and small portion to choose from
chef loh menu
There are also side orders and plenty choices of beverage
chef loh fish head
Fresh big head fish. Although it looked fishy, it actually tasted very fresh and juicy. No fishy taste at all. This is a way to know if the fish used is fresh
sang yu
There were three to four pieces of fresh fish in a big bowl
The chili sauce was home made. Bit tangy and not too spicy
fish head noodle
Fresh fish head
fish paste
Fish paste mee hoon
fish head meat
The fresh fishes were actually quite meaty even though it looked mostly bones
chef loh interior
Clean and airy setting of the restaurant
operating hours
Chef Loh closed on Monday

What do We Like about Chef Loh XO Fried Fish Head Noodles?

  • The fresh fish tasted good and fresh
  • The soup broth was appetizing

Chef Loh XO Fried Fish Head Noodles

23, Jalan 20/14, SS 20, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Chef Loh XO Fried Fish Head Noodles

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