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Bukku Cafe, Klang – Coffee Under the Tree

Went to Klang on a Sunday and decided to visit Bukku where its ‘uniqueness’ is the ‘tree within the cafe compound’.

Upon arriving, the staff told us that waiting time is at least 50 minutes as there were having full house and there were already a waiting list. Most of the patrons decided to leave, but since we have nothing on, we decided to just wait for a bit. Eventually we managed to get a seat within 10 minutes.

tea break
Tea time situation
bukku interior
Under the indoor tree

The Menu

Bukku cafe’s menu is considered extensive. They serve hot meals, side dishes, rice sets, snacks, desserts and of course – coffee.

One thing we noticed is that Bukku serves local coffee – kopi O and kopi with fresh milk. 

bukku menu
Click to enlarge the menu
bukku menu

The foods

We ordered one kaya toast set, it came with half boiled eggs and a local kopi O. Also added a salted egg croissant and hot latte.

The kaya toast set was a typical Malaysian breakfast. The local kopi O was good, and was nothing less if we were to compare it against imported coffee.

The salted egg croissant on the hand was not as flaky. The skin has some coating which looks like it was ‘deep fried’ instead of baked. Unsure why.

The salted egg sauce was good anyway. Overall an enjoyable meal for tea break.

salted egg croissant
Salted egg croissant
kaya toast
Kaya toast
Hot latte
tea break breakfast set
bukku interior
A side of the shop
bukku interior

The environment and price

Dining under the indoor tree in air conditioned room was a new experience. It felt like comfortable garden dining. Just that due to the ground is not flat entirely, got to be careful when sitting on the chair.

However the OCD in me wondering how do they performing cleaning…

The bill came to about RM35 for the tea break we had.

Bukku Cafe:

No.1, Jalan Singgahsana 4A/KU2, Bandar Bukit Raja, 41050 Klang, Selangor

bukku signboard
Bukku Cafe
bukku interior

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