bm yam rice
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BM Yam Rice @ Publika – Tasty Soup Base

We have been to BM Yam Rice in Publika once. This visit was impromptu as we were in town and the traffic was quite good during puasa was smooth.

the ingredients
Many ingredients in the stall for a bowl of delicious soup
bm yam rice stall
The stall with big photos of their signature items

The Menu

From the menu, there are four set meals. All set meals are served with braised egg and braised taufu. This makes a meal quite a fulfilling one.

On top of the yam rice, the stall also serves pork noodle, ginger wine noodle and many ala carte items.

bm yam rice menu
Click to Enlarge Menu
bm yam rice menu
Click to Enlarge Menu
type of noodle to choose
There are six types of noodles to choose from if you do not feel like to have yam rice
the soup with many ingredients
Generous portion of ingredients such as pork liver, stomach, blood tofu, meat balls and etc. The soup base was so good. It was tangy in the flavor from the salted preseved vegetables (and plum we guess)
pork noodle
We also ordered a bowl of pork noodle with egg. Equally delicious and generous portion of ingredients
pork noodle
Pork noodle (mee hoon)
bm yam rice
The shiny yam rice with braised tofu and egg. We like the soup with the Chinese parsley
shui kao
This shui kao (dumpling) was from another stall. There are eight pieces in four fillings
bm yam rice
The food court is clean, bright and comfortable

What do We Like about BM Yam Rice?

  • Delicious yam rice and soup with generous ingredients
  • The food court is comfortable

BM Yam Rice @ Eat Food Village Publika

34, Jln Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur


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