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Bandit Cafe SS 2 – Trouble’s in the Brewin’

Bandit – the latest addition to the SS 2 cafe scene. It is located at the Chow Yang area where Breathing Space is nearby. It is in soft launch phase now and we were there to meet the sneaky raccoon (seemingly the mascot as it is everywhere in the shop). 

otak-otak scrambler
Otak-otak Scrambler
creative corner
Creative corner

The Bandit's Menu

Plenty of items in Bandit’s menu. The menu is designed such a way the raccoon’s eyes have two holes in one side and the other side as coffee, cute. 

The signature Shokupan, is a Japanese milk bread that is soft and fluffy. 

There are All Day Breakfast, Mains, Salad &Soups, Brew, Non-coffee, Tea, and more. The specialty should be the Five My Way where we get to choose five items from the selection and including a Shokupan bread by default. Just tick off five items from the erasable order chit and order from the counter.

Bandit menu
Click to enlarge the menu
Bandit shokupan
Description of Shokupan
Bandit five my way
Order chit for Five my Way
Bandit shokupan
Menu with Raccoon's Eye

The foods

For breakfast, we had a Five My Way with Chicken Bratwurst, Beef Bacon, Homemade Baked Beans, Sauteed King Mushrooms and Scrambled Eggs. Shokupan is included by default.

Also we had an Otak-otak Scrambler as it sounds interesting. 

For drink, we had a black coffee and a flat white.

The scrambled eggs of Five My Way were nicely done, very appetizing in the bright yellow, cheesy and buttery look. Shokupan on the other hand, feel like usual bread, could be due to the other saltier stuff (beef bacon and chicken bratwurst had overpowered its taste).

Otak-otak Scambler of Bandit was interesting, it was croissant mixed with eggs and otak-otak. We can taste the otak-otak but hope to have more of it.

scrambled egg
breakfast at bandit
Breakfast situation
flat white and black coffee
black coffee

Flat white and black coffee.

bandit pastries
Raccoon everywhere

The environment

We like the setting of Bandit particularly the curvy ceiling and the sitting arrangement. The wooden decoration blends well in the overall interior. The interior is spacious and was not noisy during full-house. 

The bill came to RM 74 for the items we had.

Bandit setting
Bandit interior

Bandit SS 2:

6, Jalan SS 2/10, 47300, Petaling Jaya.

Bandit signboard
Beware of Bandit
Bandit setting

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