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Awesome Canteen Tmn. Paramount – Delicious Foods

Awesome Canteen, as we browsed through their website, discovered that it has been around for 8 years. We have been there once few years back and after their recent renovation, we decided to visit it again.

awesome canteen lunch
fettuccine pomodoro with grilled chicken
fettuccine pomodoro with grilled chicken

Fettuccine Pomodoro with grilled chicken, we opt for Diane’s style with additional kick.

chicken patty with side
avocado pesto sauce

The Menu

There are plenty of dishes in the menu. Awesome Canteen hopes to provide healthier foods therefore there are different types of healthy food categories such as Paleo, H.P.L.C (high protein low carbs), Vegan, and etc.

There are also dishes with their calories indicated in the menu, which are thoughtful for those who are following a diet plan. 

Check out Awesome Canteen’s menu here.

niko neko matcha latte
Niko Neko Matcha Latte

The food

We ordered a fettuccine pomodoro with grilled chicken, a 240g chicken patty served with avocado pesto salsa salad.

For drink, we had a Niko Neko Matcha latte and a long black.

For the fettucine, we opt for Diane’s style as recommended in the menu. It came with additional kick, we liked the chili padi in it, little spicy and elevated the taste of the pasta.

As for the 240g chicken patty, it was made with 70% chicken breast and 30% chicken thigh, the patty was juicy. The avocado pesto salsa was refreshing and fragrant to go with the chicken patty, good combination it was.

The Niko Neko match latte was also another highlight, the matcha taste was strong and the latte was thick. Although a small glass, it was surprisingly good.

To end the meal, we added on a matcha berry chiffon cake. It was a ordinary piece of cake, not too sweet but not bad either.

chicken patty
chicken patty
matcha berry chiffon cake
matcha berry chiffon cake
matcha berry chiffon cake

The environment and price

The environment after renovation was bright. We like the new furniture and lighting, it is cozy and welcoming.

The bill came to about RM100 for the foods, drinks and cake.

awesome canteen
awesome canteen interior

Worth returning?


Awesome Canteen Taman Paramount:

19, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

awesome canteen
awesome canteen
awesome canteen

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