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All Day Polo Bun SS 2 – Pork Chop Polo Bun

All Day Polo Bun is located in SS 2, same row with Bandit Cafe. 

It is a cafe with strong Hong Kong feel, we can feel it by the celebrities posters and the MTR sign boards pasted on the wall.

all day polo bun interior
Hong Kong stars posters and MTR sign boards
all day polo bun interior

The Menu

The are plenty of choices to choose from. The signature is definitely the various polo bun.

There are plain stype, ham & egg, pork chop and chicken chop bun just to name a few. All the breakfast sets come with a basic drink.

There are also rice and noodle in the menu. The rice and noodle sets come with a basic drink and also a polo bun.

all day polo bun menu
Click to enlarge menu

The Pork Chop Bun

We ordered a pork chop bun and a pork chop indomie. We ordered hot lemon tea with both the sets.

The pork chop bun came a piece of pork chop in between the bun. We know that is the tradition way of serving the pork chop bun in HK and Macau, just that we still prefer to have some sauce or gravy to enhanced the taste. Not sure if they have any sauce but we did not ask anyway.

The pork chop Indomie on the other hand was good as the Indomie itself was fragrant and flavorful. The pork chop complement well with the noodle.

pork chop indomie
Pork chop with Indomie
polo bun
all day polo bun interior
all day polo bun interior
all day polo bun wall deco

The environment and price

All Day Polo Bun is a simple cafe, good for a simple meal. The shop is tidy and modern looking.

The breakfast costed us around RM 35.

What do we like about All Day Polo Bun?

  • Many set meals to choose from. Good breakfast choice
  • The pork chops were nicely done

All Day Polo Bun, SS 2

20, Jalan SS 2/10, Taman Bahagia, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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