lunch at 驰名荣昌猪什汤, Sg Way
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驰名 荣昌 猪什汤 Rong Chang Pork Soup – Sg. Way

荣昌 猪什汤 (Rong Chang Pork Soup) is a well-known pork soup stall located in Sg. Way. The stall is famous for its delicious pork soup that is made with a variety of pork ingredients, including pork slices, pork meatballs, and pork belly slices.

Upon visiting the stall, we opted for the soup without intestines. In addition to the pork soup, the stall also serves other popular dishes such as braised pork knuckle, braised egg, and tofu.

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pork ball and pork slices
yam rice

The stall is a no-frills type of eatery. The focus is on the food, and it certainly does not disappoint. The pork soup was slightly peppery and clear, and it tasted exceptionally good. The pork meatballs were soft and had a good texture, while the pork belly slices were tender and juicy.

In addition to the famous pork soup, we also tried the yam rice. It was just as good as the soup. The yam rice was fragrant and flavorful, with a slight sweetness from the yam. It was the perfect accompaniment to the pork soup, adding an extra layer of texture and flavor to the meal.

pork belly slices

For those who enjoy a good bowl of pork soup, Rong Chang Pork Soup 荣昌 猪什汤 is definitely worth a visit. The stall has been around for many years and has built a loyal following of customers who keep coming back for more. The stall may not have the fanciest decor or the most extensive menu, but it delivers where it counts the most – in the taste of the food.

Restorant Kopitiam 16

What do We Like about 驰名 荣昌 猪什汤 Rong Chang Pork Soup?

  • A simple bowl of tasty pork soup and tasty yam rice

454-455, Jalan SS 9A/2, Sungai Way, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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